Friday, 26 May 2017

Vegan Potato & Kidney Bean Masala Toast

If you are looking for an Indianized version of spicy toast, am sure my today's post will definitely tickle your tastebuds. Seriously i dont want to repeat but however couldnt stop myself to say how much we love potatoes. My today's post is a fantastic and definitely a flavourful, very dangerously addictive potato and rajma masala loaded bread toast. Whoever loves spicy toast will definitely fell in love with this incredible toast. Adding bit coarsely mashed rajma aka kidney bean will definitely take this simple toast to an another level. Obviously this toast is seriously a protein rich toast to give a try definitely a home. You can add any beans to make this toast however my choice is kidney beans, i just love this beans very much, never stopped myself to add them in most of my dishes. And this beans is our family favourite.

Potato & Kidney Bean Masala Toast

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Strawberry Nutella Toast

Nutella, this spread is one of the most favourite spread of my kids, though i dont get them often. However am trying to keep this spread away from my kids as they are capable to finish this spread within a day without any hesitation. Last week when we went for grocery, the younger one came with us and without our knowledge he grabbed a nutella bottle, we noticed it while we were in cash counter. Obviously we came home with it. Back home after having some french toast with nutella, my younger one asked me a different toast. Since some strawberries were sitting in my fridge, i couldnt resist to prepare this fantastic toast.

Nutella strawberry Toast

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Vegan Mushroom Pesto Toast

Toast means sliced bread singed by heat is commonly eaten with butter or else with sweetened toppings like jam or jelly, however some toasts are prepared even with savory spreads. A toast can be served even as an accompaniment to many dishes like soups or stews. We love toasts for our breakfast, yes toasts is definitely a common breakfast food for many of us. Even breads like baguettes, bagels or english muffins can be toasted and enjoyed with different spreads. Actually toasting is a common method of making stale bread as more palatable. Though toasts are seriously breakfast friendly dishes, you can prepare fantastic dinner friendly toasts as well. I will be posting three different toasts for this week's blogging marathon as i picked Got a toast ready for Dinner as theme.

Vegan Mushroom pesto Toast, Pesto Mushroom Toast

Friday, 19 May 2017

Strawberry Chocolate Custard

A simple sweet or dessert is quite enough to celebrate an occasion na, and my today's post is definitely one among those simple sweet or dessert to give a try if you dont have an idea of cook up something new. My today's post calls for very easy and simple ingredients, a couple of ingredients like custard powder, chopped chocolate, sugar and milk is very much needed to dish out this custard. Though i prepared this dessert with Strawberries, you can dish out this same fabulous dessert with any sort of fruits or else with a lovely medley of tropical fruits, its all upto you. Since strawberries started showing their heads in farmer's market, i didnt hesitate a second to grab some juicy,succulent strawberries. Obviously i cant think any other fruits than strawberries to add in this simple trifle like dessert.

Strawberry & Chocolate Custard trifle